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Novo spa membership at a glance:

  • Members save 20% off services and 50% off add-ons every time, 24/7.

  • Recurring monthly payment is taken from your provided payment method and placed into your spa account for you to spend as you wish.*

  • an easy, stress-free way to get in your self care and show your body some love and relaxation.

  • Exclusive offers and additional savings sent to members via text.​

I created a spa membership because I know how hard it can be to develop new habits, put aside time for yourself and take care of the body most of us take for granted. My purpose is to make this easier for you by providing competitively priced, recurring payments  so you’re always covered for the month. All you need to do is schedule either online or through me via text or call and show up for your appointments. 


Saving money and becoming consistent with your self-care needs becomes a breeze when you sign up to be a Novo Spa member. After signing up, your payment card of choice will be charged on the same day every month for the competitive price of $83 (not including processing fees). Money charged will go into your spa account for you to spend as you wish. Members will always receive a 20% discount on all services and 50% off add-ons. This $83 a month qualifies members for a minimum of a 1 hour massage or facial every month so long as the massage or facial chosen is at the same $83 value.


If you wish to come in for additional services or a service that is at a higher value than $83, members still receive discounted rates on everything and will owe the difference at time of service. For example, if you have $83 in your spa account and want to come in for The Everlasting (anti-aging facia-$98), $83 will be removed from your account, deducted from your total and $15 will be owed (not including gratuity). 


CBD, hydro jelly facial masks, gua sha, and more all at 50% for you to enjoy and create an experience all your own.


Let me provide you quality rest, relaxation and an experience customized to your needs and desires. For members who come in consistently, the positive changes in their health and quality of life are quite clear. To bear witness to this is one of my greatest passions.  I look forward to meeting you. 

-Anecia Lopez (Owner/Practitioner)

*if one month you are unable to come in for an appointment, your money stays in your account for when you can. Money will continue to accrue in your account until you cancel.

To view services, click Facials for skincare and/or

Massage & Bodywork for everything else

Questions or concerns? Call or text 623-755-4488

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