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All skincare services are tailored to skin type, current
condition(s) and desired results

If you do not see a date or time available while booking a facial or waxing service, please call or text. 

Signature 60 minutes

Member price: $83
non-member: $104

The Signature is perfect for someone who wants a full service facial but doesn’t necessarily need anything extra. This is our most popular facial and is excellent for monthly skincare maintenance year round.

Includes: double cleanse, skin analysis, steam, exfoliation, massage, mask, toner, & moisturizer.

Anastarr 60/90 minutes

Member price: 60/90 min $111/$139
non-member: 60/90 min $148/$185

The most luxurious facial Novo Spa has to offer. This facial uses exclusively products from the Anastarr skincare line-a conscious, top of the line brand whose products are manufactured using green practices and cold-processing right here, in the mountains of Colorado. Product ingredients used are: 

-Pure, organic & wildcrafted

-Sustainably harvested

-Fair trade


-Gluten free


-Cruelty free

Support local businesses and crafters while giving your face the gift of health, nourishment and beauty.

deluxe 90 minutes

Member price: $111
non-member: $139

An extra 30 minutes added to your classic facial allows your esthetician to be even more detailed with your skin. Meticulous, if you will. Extra time is also spent on the massage portion of your facial, allowing you to fully unwind and relax.

Includes: double cleanse, skin analysis, steam, exfoliation,  Gua Sha stone massage, mask, toner, & moisturizer



high frequency

Member price: $15
non-member: $30

Using currents produced by gas containing electrodes, high-frequency has many benefits for the skin. It is a great way to oxygenate the skin, kill acne causing bacteria, shrink enlarged pores, reduce inflammation, improves skincare product absorption and penetration, encourages cell turnover, encourages circulation and so much more! 

gua sha massage

Member price: $15
non-member: $30

Originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gua Sha is a practice of scraping the skin and tissues to encourage release of waste and toxins from the the body. Gua Sha for the face is performed much more gently compared to traditional Gua Sha in order to protect the skin. However, this technique still stimulates healthy blood flow, can contour the face, release trigger points, and encourage lymphatic drainage resulting in a less "puffy" appearance.

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