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Lago di Carezza

massage & bodywork

all massage & bodywork services are Customized to the
needs of your body, mind & spirit 

If you do not see a date or time available while booking a facial or waxing service, please call or text. 

relaxation massage-60/90 minutes

Member price: $83/$111
non-member: $104/$139

Our bodies reach their optimum healing potential when we are relaxed. This massage aims to create a calming environment and evoke such relaxation within the body. Through kneading techniques and long, flowing strokes performed at a light to medium pressure, letting go becomes a breeze.

Recommended Add-Ons: CBD and/or Mini Facial

Mobility massage-60/90 minutes

Member price: $83/$111
non-member: $104/$139

A relaxation massage coupled with active and passive stretching, range of motion practices and pin & stretch techniques to help get you moving again. If preferred, the entirety of your massage can be spent on a specific, problematic area or, can be performed on the entire body depending on low long of a session you schedule. The 90 minute includes Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) also known as scraping. 

Recommended Add-On: Cupping and/or CBD

Hot stone 90 minutes

Member: $125
non-member: $156

This is possibly one of the most luxurious massages you can receive. Hot stone massage uses stones heated to just the right temperature to be applied to the body. The heat and healing from the stones can soften muscles and reach deeper layers of tissue while providing overall comfort and relaxation. Depending on your massage therapists' style, hot stone massage may also incorporate the use of their hands and forearms in addition to massaging with stones.


Recommended add-on: CBD  

Cranial sacral therapy 60 minutes

Member price: $83
non-member: $104

By performing specific, gentle "holds" on the bones of the cranium, vertebral spine and sacrum, the practitioner is able to open congested spaces within the body. As a result, the nervous system is liberated, allowing it to function properly. The central nervous system (CNS) is in charge of all bodily functions. When it is functioning properly, there is no limit to the benefits it can have on the way we feel and experience life. This treatment is provided fully clothed. Essential oils may be incorporated if preferred.  

Reiki 60 minutes

Member Price: $83
non-member: $104

Also known as energy work or energy healing, Reiki is a Japanese form of bodywork that encourages healing beyond the physical. This work is based around our energetic body and energy centers call Chakras. Over time, these energy centers can become imbalanced or blocked. This can lead to many ailments not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki works to rebalance, cleanse, activate and soothe Chakras and the energetic field to combat such negative effects.

Lago di Carezza

massage & bodywork


member price: $15
non-member: $30

Traced back to ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Middle Eastern cultures, Cupping, also known as myofascial decompression, is a therapy in which suction cups are placed on the skin. Cups are left on the skin for approximately 5-7 minutes, this creates marks resembling bruises on the skin. This is completely normal and will typically go away in 7-12 days depending on a persons health, metabolism and genetic disposition. Darker marks indicate stagnant qi, fluids and toxins within the body. When brought to the surface the body will eventually flush these out, resulting in healing. 

Cupping can help ease discomfort associated with:

    - Arthritis


    - Back pain, neck pain, knee pain and shoulder pain

    - Breathing problems such as asthma

    - Carpal tunnel syndrome

    - High-Blood pressure

    - Limited range-of-motion

Full-Spectrum cbd

member price: $20
non-member: $40

Made right here in Colorado, Novo Spa is proud to carry Sopris Full-Spectrum CBD oil containing 400 mg of the purest CBD along with arnica and essential oils to enhance the benefits of your bodywork experience. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and has the potential to provide all-natural relief for a variety of ailments, including:

    -Chronic Pain

    - Inflammation

    - Anxiety/Stress

    - Depression

    - Migraines

    - Insomnia


    - Arthritis

Sopris CBD is non-psychoactive and obeys federal law which states the amount of THC (psychoactive component of cannabis) must be less than 0.3% of the total product. For more information about this beautiful oil, please visit:

Mini Facial 

Member price: $20
Non-Member Price: $40

Receive a facial treatment whilst getting bodywork! This add-on includes a facial steam, cleanse, exfoliation  & moisturizer. Experience a truly head to toe treatment by adding this one to any bodywork service. 

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